Tube Settlers and Support Systems


Microfloc Tube Settlers provide high rate, static and cost-effective process solutions for clarifier and thickener’s sedimentation process.

Over 100 installations define Microflocs Tube Settlers as an industry standard.

Settlement of suspended particles in clarifiers without Settlers is hindered by the displacement upflow eddy currents of adjacent settling particles. 

Settlers arrange upflow through inclined segregated honeycomb tubes. 

Settlement of particles is then with the flow rather than against the flow, minimising the hindered settlement of particles, maximising the available projected settlement area hence yielding higher upflow rates.

  • design, materials, vacuum forming, assembly and QA by Microfloc
  • demonstrated UV protection and durability under harsh environmental conditions
  • superior solids drainage attributes
  • holistic design and installation services including ancillary Settler support structures, sludge management, collection launders and hydraulic application engineering
  • ex stock availability


  • reduced plant footprint;  lower capital cost and land area required
  • Settlers introduce an interposing static resistance to flow;  flow distribution uniformity over a clarifier's surface area is significantly improved 
  • increased settling area and improved flow distribution uniformity yields up-flow rates many times those found with simple sedimentation mode and solids contact clarifiers without Settlers
  • process stability
  • resistance to the effects of diurnal temperature inversion
  • more uniform clarifier surface area utilization promotes well defined and denser sludge zones
  • sludge management automation capability;  better defined and denser sludge zones facilitate sonic detection and automated sludge extraction management
  • underflow losses reduced by up to 66%
  • 80mm hexagonal tube shape provides better tube drainage
    • better drainage reduces blockage cleaning
    • less tube blockages increase effective settlement rates
  • In-tube contact flocculation

Materials and physical details

Microfloc Settlers are extruded in Adelaide SA, vacuum formed, trimmed and assembled at Smithfield, NSW, Australia

specific gravity 1.03
material virgin food grade acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
colour black
formation method vacuum formed
UV protection carbon black and UV stabiliser
vertical heights available (mm) 550,  670 and 1500
module length (mm) 990
module width (mm) 480 standard, variable in +/- 80 mm increments
tube incline 60 degrees from horizontal
tube form and aperture hexagonal,  80 mm
sheet joining method reinforcing edge clips/solvent welding
670 mm high x 990 mm long x 480 mm wide standard Tube Settler module

Application Engineering and Settler support systems

Project specific system design:

  • extensive experience with process, hydraulics and support systems design
  • automation of underflow sludge management
  • materials selection
  • construction methodology and implementation